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cal038 MY OWN VOICE – Exile Underground CD
cal037 OVERCHARGE – Metalpunx LP
cal036 AMPHIST – Eschaton LP
cal035 DESTINAZIONE FINALE – In Bilico Nel Reale 12″
cal034 SKULLD – Reinventing Darkness 12″
cal033 MOTRON – Who’ll Stop The Rain LP
cal032 HYLE – Weapons I’ve Earned LP
cal031 TASTE THE FLOOR – Scam 7″
cal030 INFAMIA – S/T LP 2019
cal029 IN MANCANZA D’ALTRO / S/T LP 2018
cal028 EBOLA / CANNIBE – We’ll Just Have To Acclimatize Ourselves To The Post Cannibal Era mCD 2017
cal027 HYLE – Malakia 7″ 2017
cal026 DRUNKARDS / DISFORIA – Split LP 2017
cal025 WARPATH – Oblio LP 2016
cal024 MOTRON – Eternal Headache LP 2015
cal023 MY OWN VOICE – Sailing On CD 2015
cal022 BLEEDING – Buio Nelle Vene LP 2015
cal021 ECO – Orizzonte Divorami cd 2015
cal020 KALASHNIKOV – L’Algebra Morente Del Cielo lp 2015
cal019 PIOGGIA NERA Danze Dei Miserabili lp 2014
cal018 DISORDER / VIVERE MERDA split lp 2014
cal017 KALASHNIKOV / CONTRASTO come il soffitto di una chiesa bombardata lp 2014
cal016 MISERIA niente da perdere lp 2012

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MY OWN VOICE - Exile Underground CD

CAL038 / september 2020 – hardcore to
the bones, roaring guitars, punchy basslines and relentless tupa tupa!
Anti-clichè lyrics always over the top, always keeping diy family high
and alive!

AMPHIST - Eschaton LP

CAL036 / october 2020 – One of the heaviest band from southern Italy, with members of The Radsters, Amphist put their roots directly in the abyss! Dark and gloomy melodies alternate to rampage riffin, death metal influences don’t get over crust roots! No hope, satanic d-beat has only one final truth: when you look the abyss, Amphist are there!

DESTINAZIONE FINALE - In Bilico Nel Reale 12"

CAL035 / september 2020 – After a ripping demo, here’s first album of Destinazione Finale, from Florence. Fast, short, pure angry hardcore punk! Think about Indigesti, Negazione and Bad Brains as masterpieces, add the nowadays discomfort in the lyrics and crazy artwork, you’ll get this new old furious hardcore school!
Follow riffs ‘till final destination!!


HYLE - Weapons I've Earned LP

CAL032 / may 2020 –  Hyle, from Bologna, are back with their first full length! Mixing stench of death, filthy crust and hardcore rampage they’ll blow your ears, both you a are a dirty punk or a relentless headbanger! Heavy riffs, pummeling drums, and raging screams are the weapons Hyle earned against this shitty system!

SKULLD - Reinventing Darkness 12"

CAL035 / february 2020 – Gloomy, obscure and raw death metal played by punx!  Go deep in the woods, go beyond this new Middle Age, and come back with new strength! Mother Nature is a priestess from the shadows, and she listen to Entombed!


CAL037 / march 2020 – Drink down gasoline and start to a 30 minutes full throttle race towards head’s crack. Guitar solos will bang your head, bass will shake your bones and d beat drums will tear you finally down. 9 tracks of pure crust metal r’nr mayhem by the loudest power trio from Italy. Prepare to a hellraiser wall of distortion which bring you from angry sleazy speedmetal headbanging to rotten sick punk attitude!
As a lonely survivor of the wasteland, lyrics will drive you through hard parties and scene vultures, unmasking powerpigs and spreading Overcharge’s punx brotherhood anthem: drink hard, love d beat, hate fascism!!!!

MOTRON - Who'll Stop The Rain? LP

CAL033 / november 2019 – Lawless d beat & furious crust’n’roll from Varese (northern Italy). Your ears will bleed with drillin’ guitars, roarin growls and bombrai-d beat, with DIY attitude in the veins of 80s italian hc! War is everywhere and mankind sucks more day after day, crushin crust punk with injections of r’n’r and thrash, hailin Uncurbed, Doom, Disgust.



october 2019 / CAL031 / fast riff, fast songs, fast tupa tupa, take your skate and start headbanging, Taste The Floor, from Rome, play thrash / fast hc since 2009 and they still teach us tricks!!! Heavy rippin guitars, no boring bounce&growlin clichè, just an angry shouted hit in your mouth as you taste the floor!



CAL030 / 2019 – obscure and harsh, angry&fast as a razor, from the fogs of Modena (IT), Infamia, after years sweatin in squats all over Italy, release this full lentght for fans of italian hardcore, no trend-punk, just rage and attitude.


november 2018 / cal029 / new band from old punx, angry as never, from Turin, fast hardcore with no compromise lyrics. Blasting riffs and noisy theremin raids. Members of Memento Mori and Mr. Murrungio.


HYLE – Malakia 7"

september 2017 / cal027 / Sludgy anarcho grrls crust from Bologna (Italy), smart lyrics, crushing riffs and rioutous growls!!! Support!



june 2017 / cal027 /
postnuclear crust warriors since 1998!!! vs old school grindin’ crust maniacs!


MOTRON – Eternal Headache LP

october 2015 / cal024 / First LP after an earsplitting demo! D-Beat Crust with rock’n’roll attitude! Growlin’ vocals, blasting palm muting mixed with a bunch of r’n’r to get a real wall of loudness for d-beat fans. Members from Campus Sterminii, Miseria, Pioggia Nera and Kontatto. Listen!


BLEEDING - Buio Nelle Vene LP

september 2015 / cal022 / Chaos punk from Asti (Italy). Negative lyrics and great tunes between 82 punk and Nerorgasmo. New album after 10 years!!